Mexican Wine
Tasting Getaway

What's included?

What's included?

Day One

  • Wine tasting at 2 different wineries
  • A wonderful lunch with wine
  • Dinner at one of the Valle’s top establishments
  • Drinks at a fun after-hours spot or a Late night wine tasting experience
  • Private transport by Ruadeseo
  • Pickup/drop-off at the location of your choice within San Diego County
  • Coffee + light breakfast on the ride down
  • A cooler stocked with (adult) beverages & plenty of water

Day Two

  • Brunch with a beautiful view
  • Transport back to San Diego

How do accomadations work?

Accommodations are booked separately by the guest, but we will provide accomadation options that meet your group's criteria.

What should I bring?

A valid passport is required to travel to Mexico. If you have global entry, be sure to bring it and that is has been activated!

How does entering into Mexico work?

The border is about a 20 minute drive from downtown San Diego. When crossing into Mexico, everyone stays in the car and your passport does not need to be shown. A quick inspection is done by border agents, and then get ready to crack open your ice cold beverages!

How does entering back into the US work?

We have a vehicle pass for Global Entry/Sentri, so anyone with Global Entry is welcome to stay in the van. Otherwise, Otherwise, you'll use the pedestrian lane, which normally takes 45 minutes or less. We do this to avoid the 2+ hour wait time in the general car lane.

How long is the trip?

We will depart around 9:00am, and arrive back in the US around 3:00pm the next day.

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What's everyone saying?

Marissa S.

Amazing!! From the beginning of planning our girls trip to the very end, Ruadeseo was nothing short of amazing! Ryan, Olivia, and our driver, Cameron, m...

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Jesse H.

Have you ever met someone that you wanted to adopt as a bestie within the first ten minutes of meeting them? Well if you haven't yet, you will, once you ...

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Kaela B.

I booked a one day trip with Ruadeseo for my birthday! And, it did not disappoint! From the time we got into the van we had the most wonderful experience....

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Kiki R.

Do not hesitate booking this excursion. We had a fantastic time! Olivia and Ryan were so nice and knowledgeable of the area. The wineries were amazing an...

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Jazmin V.

Ryan and Olivia were amazing!! Everything was exceptional and such a smooth process. They didn't miss a beat! I was honestly hesitant about the process b...

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Mary E.

Our time with Olivia & Ryan was so memorable! Everything was a breeze - getting picked up at my friend's house, crossing the border, and making all of ou...

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