Valle de Guadalupe
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Valle de Guadalupe

Public Wine Tour Booking

Trip Info

$245 per/person

  • A minimum of 6 guests need to sign up within 72 hours of departure to operate. If the minimum is not met, you will be refunded or you can opt for a private trip at a different price.
  • Passport, global entry card, or passport card required
  • You are welcome to add more people after booking at a later date
  • Those with Global Entry can stay in the van during Mexico to US border crossing, otherwise we utalize the pedestrian lane

- View our cancelation policy here

Interested in a private tour?

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What should I bring?

A valid passport is required to travel down to Valle de Guadalupe. If you have global entry, be sure to bring it and that is has been activated!

How does entering into Mexico work?

The border is about a 20 minute drive from downtown San Diego. When crossing into Mexico, everyone stays in the car and your passport does not need to be shown. A quick inspection is done by border agents, and then get ready to crack open your ice cold Tecates!

How does entering back into the US work?

We have a vehicle pass for Global Entry/Sentri, so anyone with Global Entry is welcome to stay in the van. Otherwise, you'll use the pedestrian lane, which normally takes 45 minutes or less. We do this to avoid the 2+ hour wait time in the general car lane.

Where do we depart from?

For trips that have been upgraded to private, we will pick you up from your desired pickup location within San Diego County. Public trips depart from Balboa Park (free parking).


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